Horses have been my life for over 40 years

I received 2 untrained horses for my 11 the birthday, this started a long time love and lifestyle.  During the last 38 years I worked and studied in many horse disciplines.  Training , showing or studying in western, polo, dressage and endurance.  As a young adult I worked at Churchill Downs as a groom, galloping/excersing  with an apprenticeship as a jockey.  For the last 2 decades I have breed and trained horses for love and money.

In 1992 I started endurance riding.  My first 1000 miles I had a 100% completion rate.

As a certified equine physiotherapist, I assist in healing equine bodies.  I believe in preventing injuries by proper movement and conditioning.  Gentling and training through bodywork and natural horsemanship techniques  

New-Dawn Video

 Dawn Perrine

Have lens will Travel.


Equestrian events and sale horse are my specialty.  With a deep love of the horse, and an extensive career as an equestrian I can film the horse.   To understand my philosophies see

  Gentling and training through bodywork and "natural" horsemanship techniques.  Speaking "Equis" enables a level of communication with horses that results in quick and lasting results.  It's about building a relationship before mounting up.  This training method takes relationships with horses into exceptional levels of love, trust and respect.  Often times a new enlightening outlook emerges as the harmony between horse and rider turn into a beautiful dance that weaves itself into the soul. " Safe and simple join the gentle solution revolution." 

Low Profile, cutting-edge digital excellence with a documentary eye. Powerful, emotional, storytelling.

Documentaries, events, workshops, and training films are video services that I offer.    Using state of the Art 3 chip digital camera, audio equipment, and postproduction editing.