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Training & Conditioning
Gentling and training through bodywork and "natural" horsemanship techniques.  My training,  has taken my relationships with horses into exceptional levels of love and respect.   Speaking "Equis"  enables a level of communication with horses that results in quick and lasting results.  Its about building a relationship before mounting up.  This training method takes relationships with horses into exceptional levels of love, trust and respect.  Often times a new enlightening outlook emerges as the harmony between horse and rider turn into a beautiful dance that weaves itself into the soul. " Safe and simple, join the gentle solution revolution."  I enjoy working with colts and problem solving with performance horses.
Training & Conditioning
 Massage therapy is the cornerstone of physiotherapy. This can aid in the healing of a horse's injured muscles, tendons and joints, by improving circulation, relieving tension, easing muscle spasms,  getting rid of inflammation/swelling,  range of motion is increased..    The convalescing horse must be allowed to recover and have its confidence restored by a closely supervised program of exercise  and therapy, otherwise the image of the trauma will be retained in the muscle itself.

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Training & Conditioning