Events, Shows,Training Videos, Documentaries and any video service you need

Low-Profile, cutting-edge digital excellence with a documentary eye. Powerful, emotional, storytelling.

Documentaries, events, workshops, and training films are services that I offer.    State of the Art 3 chip digital camera, audio equipment, and post production on Final Cut.

Why have a professional video done?

I have personally been involved in the horse business for over 40 years as a customer and have reviewed countless videos for sales and stallion promotion. Nothing can make a statement about the quality of your horses and the professionalism of your business than a well-done video. I have viewed many videos where the subject has been fuzzy, the videographer has allowed the subject to go off-screen or the footage is unsteady.

A well-edited video with music in the background can make the difference in the sale or breeding bookings of your horse. Think about the emotions of suspense or fear that are evoked when you are watching a movie. The power of music can make a difference when you are promoting your horse as well.

On location shooting with the sony PD_150, which provides broadcast quality and the richest color available in professional video equipment.
$50/hr., $300/day one hour minimum
Professional, non-linear video editing, including titling, effects and music.
$35/hr., $200 day
Video clips prepared for internet usage
Transfer existing VHS tapes to DVD
$29.95 for 90 minutes of content
$14.95 each additional or for direct copy of existing (non-copyrighted) DVD

Filmed and produced movie # 6 "Blood Sweat and Tears". I also helped build and design this web site, along with converting all the movies to flash for the internet

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